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This is a community run by Cindy [[ fine-elegance ]] and Winnie [[ wonderworldx ]] for the sole purpose of providing graphics for people. Whether it may be icons, hearders for layouts, friends only, or request (sometimes), there is something here for everyone. Both makers for rawbliss has their own unique style which gives each graphic a different flair from other communities.

rawbliss regulations

1 Credit must be given to the community.
2) Leave a comment when taking any graphics.
3) Absolutely no direct linking of any kind.
4) Graphics without text are not bases unless stated.
5) Do not edit the graphics in any way.
6) Redistribution is not tolerated, nor claiming the graphic as your own.
7) Join to view the graphics in this community.

rawbliss affiliates

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Want to be added here as well? Please leave a message here and we will get back to you soon as possible.

rawbliss credits

Userinfo // Layout Banner && Advert Graphic : fine_elegance
Layout : reversescollide
Userinfo : reversescollide

rawbliss resources

teh_indy » sir » damnicons » nicolerichie.nu » sxc.hu » corazon » blossom.nu [[font]] » elegancepixelfied.com » pootato.org » blossom.nu [[stock]]
Plus more to come...

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More to come as the site gets revamped or send in your own and we will credit!